Our Story

India produces the finest Pashmina (Cashmere) wool, only 1% of the total production, in the world, the best quality mostly coming from the Changthang plateau of Ladakh region of J&K State. Pashmina wool is produced by Changra (Pashmina) goat in Ladakh and Chegu breed of goat in the eastern parts of Himalayas. The goats are reared in Ladakh by the Changpa nomads inhabiting the Changthang region. Pashmina bearing goats are also found to a minor extent in other areas of Leh district, Zanskar (Kargil district) and adjoining Lahaul- Spiti valley of Himachal Pradesh.

We work with a sole objective to sustain the endangered Pashmina Craft in Ladakh and Kashmir region. These are high mountain areas on the Indo-Chinese border. Ladakh and Srinagar notably is the most difficult physical and political terrain to work in; most companies do not opt for doing business in these regions. We are first of a kind of organization which has crafted and brought the products from its origin. We aim and manage the full supply chain of Pashmina, which is spread in one of the most difficult terrain for human to survive in and maintained this supply chain by years of long efforts, doing an intense study of the fiber, after a lot of struggle with the weather and climatic condition of the region. There are various categories of wool are available in the world and cashmere is a generic term for any wool whose diameter is less than 16 micron, but here we are talking about a wool which is exclusive and a divine heritage because of its climatic and geographical location in the world, it’s all about the nature of the wool, the sensuous softness with exceptional warmth. Our Pashmina is one of the best or can proudly claim for being the best  on this planet.

We value quality and maintain standards from fiber to final product. Our Pashmina products are handspun and hand woven using grade A fibers from Capra Hircus goat, with 9-14 micron thickness. Base fabric is woven in variations of weaving like plain, basket, twill, dobby and jacquard, along with local weaves like kani, jamdhar, chashme bulbul. To make Pashmina products more exquisite, we use various craft surface development techniques like various kinds of embroidery and prints. Kalamkari, hand block print, bhandani, lahriya, digital prints, jari are a  few, we have mastered over the time.